Financial budgetary constraints integral in final bid

Project Manager provided at no additional cost

No charge for overruns on approved project

Discounts available for non-profit organizations

Analytics provided for all web site projects

Free first time consultation

What You Can Expect:

MerrittEnterprizes will not try to entice you with an unrealistic quote for your website only to add additional fees in order to meet the functionality or the design features that was part of the original concept for your website. M.E. will strive to meet the website standards that will make your website easily accessed and functional over the broadest base of viewers (and potentially customers) possible. Whatever the special function or design specifications your website may require, will be reflected in the final quote. If you need a custom build from scratch, no problem. If what you seek is special programming for your website, it's covered. Should your website require graphical manipulation, this too will be all included in the final quote that will be sent to you. Contact us today to get your project up and running A.S.A.P.
Client Services
Provided at no additional cost, you will always have a single point of contact throughout the life of your project and on any post production development. The Project Manager will facilitate all aspects of your web site development from start to finish. Your Project Manager coordinates production for your web site from Programming to Design and coding for your project until its completion. In addition, MerrittEnterprizes will stay in contact with you even after your project has been completed. Our "stay in touch policy" allows for your input on how your project is meeting the goals set for this web site and if M.E. can be of further assistance to you for any other post production development or additional services.
Additional Services
  • Photography
  • Image Enhancement
  • Business Card Design
  • Book Cover Design
  • User Testing
  • Additional Training
  • Web Hosting setup
  • Site Maintenance
  • Post Production Edits