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Mama’s Portuguese Beans

A few years before my mother’s passing she left to me and my bothers her mother’s recipe for Portuguese beans. Although I think that this was originally a peasant dish that has been added to, the basis for this recipe remains true to its roots. I have always wanted to share and blog this recipe.

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Scams, slams, and phishing on the net

With the holidays upon us I wanted to post a blog that specifically addresses the most prevalent problem on the net today. Scams or how dubious persons or companies are trying to get your money into their pockets.

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One of my better days

Flipping on the TV, I have mentally noted that NASCAR has a race scheduled for today. Now I don’t know if this is by design, or just my typical good luck, but it seems that no one in my household likes to watch NASCAR but me, and that includes my wife.

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Mac vs. Pc (really?)

Now should I meet a person in a public or private setting and they want to discuss the superiority of their machine over all others, I will usually just nod, with a slight smile and a blank look in my eyes and not give any debate concerning the subject, but will be thinking to myself, “would you please, just get over it, I am really not impressed, where is the closest exit”.

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Never stop learning

I think that I expected a list of commands that I could choose from (to do?). I don’t know, just something, anything than just a flashing cursor. God, it was like watching paint dry.

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