If it walks like a duck…

And talks like a duck, then it’s a duck, right?

This is one lesson that I repeatedly have to learn over, and over, again.. Recently I decided to upgrade to win7 for a couple of reasons. 1, my old xp OS was giving me some problems with the way it was operating and I figured that it may be time to reformat and reinstall to correct any corruption in this aging OS. 2, it was time to start using a 64 bit OS because there is no going back to 32 bit programs for  the sake of productivity. To make the transition from one OS to the other I decided to install a dual boot system. I installed a second hard drive for win7 and wala, I had one hard drive that booted to xp, and one hard drive that booted to win7. That should have taken care of any problems that I was having in xp by transitioning over to win7, right? Not quite!

Let me give you the details.. The problem that I was having in xp was, loading speed at start up, and problems with opening and starting a program that would not respond to my mouse. It was like the window was frozen and would not accept any click commands that I made with my mouse. It would not close, expand, or scroll. I found that by opening up the task manager and then clicking on the performance tab, I would see a large spike in the kernel but then all levels would return to normal and as if by some sort of magic, my mouse would return to its normal operations. I could then open and close windows of a program, expand the window, and scroll normally.  Baffling, to say the least.

At first, I attributed this to an aging OS, so once I had installed my dual boot system, I thought all my problems would be solved.. but nooo, this problem persisted not only in xp (expectedly) but also in this freshly installed win7 OS. I still had the same problem and the same work around. What to do? Search the net for a solution. Of course the net had plenty of solutions for the offering. From memory failure, to hard disk corruption but none of these options seemed to fit, or work. One of the solutions that I found was to try shutting down all the start up programs by using msconfig. I did take a look see and I did find a few start up programs that were not needed, but to shut down all of them and then rebooting and adding one by one to find out who the culprit is did not seem to me to be a viable resolution to my problem.

So my search continued. I tried memory scanning and testing to no avail, registry checking and editing, again with no result, and the usual virus, malware programs that did not show any infection. I also had a friend come over to check things out and he looked at the bios, and cmos settings. He did a little optimization and this did a little improvement to the speed of my win7 OS and looked like the problem was solved until a couple of more reboots produced the same malfunction. Now I had looked at the driver for the mouse and tried to update this driver in windows, but windows informed me that this driver was working properly and no updated driver was available nor needed.

Now I have to say, whatever you do, don’t trust explicitly, windows to tell you if a driver is needed or needs to be upgraded. I decided to try to upgrade this driver from the manufacture, and indeed, an updated driver and download was available for this mouse. Low and behold, problem fixed, done, and working on both xp and win7.

 Moral of the story? Try not to over think the problem at hand. Look for the simplest solution and more than likely it will work. I spent hours trying to find a solution to this problem, searching the net, scanning and testing various systems that are part of the OS only to find that a simple solution to the problem was the correct one. I think that we tend to over think problems that we encounter and that is maybe that we ourselves are rather complicated. After all, this computer is just a machine and a rather simple one at that. Once we go over the ledge of complexity it is hard to bring ourselves back to the realm of simplicity. And remember, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it more than likely is a duck…

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