Mama’s Portuguese Beans

Mama’s Portuguese Beans

Mama’s Portuguese Beans

A few years before my mother’s passing she left to me and my bothers her mother’s recipe for Portuguese beans. Although I think that this was originally a peasant dish that has been added to, the basis for this recipe remains true to its roots. I have always wanted to share and blog this recipe. Continue reading »

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If it walks like a duck…

And talks like a duck, then it’s a duck, right?

This is one lesson that I repeatedly have to learn over, and over, again.. Continue reading »

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Scams, slams, and phishing on the net

Happy Holidays from Merritt Enterpirzes
With the holidays upon us I wanted to post a blog that specifically addresses the most prevalent problem on the net today. Scams or how dubious persons or companies are trying to get your money into their pockets.

Continue reading »

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One of my better days

one of my better daysIt starts simply enough. The weather report is sunny with temps mild (between 70 to 80 degrees) a typical spring/summer day. I wake in the morning and have a light breakfast just to get the engine going and finish all the pressing chores that are needed to be accomplished for the day. Now that my desk is cleared I am feeling that I need a little “me” time, so I go to the local market and buy a dozen fresh oysters (preferably shucked) and put them on ice as soon as I get home.  Now let me say just a word about the type of oyster that I select for later consumption. I prefer a pacific oyster, not to large, nice presentation within the shell, and as the saying goes, “more than a mouthful is a waste”. Continue reading »

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Mac vs. Pc (really?)

                Mac vs Pc image
Just the other day I overheard a couple of guys in line at the grocery store discussing a particular item that one of them needed to connect a power adapter to a Mac laptop. A very special item that was not just a plug but this item was a magnetic plug that only Mac machines used. Well the other guy had a spare and did not mind if the other guy borrowed it for a while and I concluded that this piece of propriety hardware was of course an Apple product. I couldn’t help but mentioned it to the guy who needed this item and he started his rant how he was a Mac user from way back and would not consider using any other type of computer. Continue reading »

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Building better websites for a better web!

 Just what does this phase mean? Website standards, in essence, function, design, usability, and architecture all rolled up into websites that provide the visitor useable information, that is understandable, easy to navigate, and provides SEO (search engine optimization) that works! Improving a website’s appearance, function, SEO, and providing the vital information/compelling content that the visitors to a website are looking for. Continue reading »

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Safeway takes the leap

Forward.. Remember the way we use to shop the grocery store. Hmm.. If you were really organized, you would cut out the coupons from the weekly flyer or newspaper and make a list of the items you want before you went to the store. Then it’s a matter of going to the store, walking down the aisles, comparing the prices of the sales items against what you may have on your list and hoping that you aren’t paying too much. If you are like me, you just go to the store and decide on the spot what item offers the best deal and put it in the cart. Continue reading »

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Never stop learning

 Like most first blogs, I would think that I should start at the beginning of my experiences in this “tech” world. It is apparent that the technologies and the abilities of the computer powered world are ever changing, faster than most other systems and methodologies in today’s world. In 1985, I acquired my first “PC” (from Dad). It was a 286 with a tiny HD (in today’s standards), a pathetic amount of memory (under a MB) and only one, very large internal drive (floppy). Continue reading »

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