Building Better Web Sites for a Better Web

Finding the best solutions for a more functional and usable web site for our clients is paramount at MerrittEnterprizes.com. Through the use of “Website standards” or best practices while constructing your web site, M.E. will provide to you and/or your company, a superior performing web site at a reasonable cost. In essence Web sites that provides to the visitor to your web site, vital information / compelling content, that is comprehensive, easy to navigate, that also provides white hat SEO (search engine optimization) solutions that work. As the sole proprietor and founder of MerrittEnterprizes.com, I will oversee every aspect of your project from start to its completion. I have been building Web sites for medium to small companies and entrepreneurs since 1999 and through close collaboration, we can work together to build a better web site that best represents you and / or your business.

W.C. Merritt


In 1999, my brother Dr. Kenneth Merritt asked me if I would build a web site for him. The concept for this web site, Execute Coaches Network, would provide company executives with top notch consulting advice from some of the most skilled professionals in the field. The concept for MerrittEnterprizes as a web site development and design company was conceived during the initial building stages of this web site. Since that time I have built several web sites for various clients whose particular needs and expectations have been at the forefront during the creative process and development stages for their web site. Keeping abreast of the newest techniques for web site development and construction is a constant aspiration that keeps the web sites built by M.E. contemporary in their design and function.

C Smith Media

Chris Smith brings an extra dimension to the table that allows us to provide additional solutions in web design, development and marketing. Chris is an associate and consultant for MerrittEnterprizes and I have used his expertise in finding the best solutions for my clients. I am committed to staying abreast of the current demands that a company needs to become a viable participant in the internet arena, relying on proven technology that keeps our clients on the leading edge of web site design / development.



I believe in the concept of web relevance (my contribution to the web community). Plans include various applications that will enhance your visit to MerrittEnterprizes. M.E. currently has a blog that includes News, Tech, and a Social Comment section. Comments are welcome and all suggestion will be taken seriously. Should the need arise additional applications may include, a download section (for the latest tips and code), an exchange forum (people providing solutions and ideas to other people) and a sign up form for a mailing list to keep you up-to-date with the latest news and events.

Social Networking

Further out reach includes utilizing Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. This approach provides the potential for a greater footprint on the web providing better SEO that will allow a website to become more findable to those who are seeking the specific information those web sites provides. Always looking to improve your web experience MerrittEnterprizes is looking for your involvement (become a FB fan). My goal is to provide a better "conversation" for all M.E. fans and participants.


Communication to clients and fans are vital. Client Services begins with providing access to M.E. in the most appropriate means available. You can contact M.E. via email, phone, or Skype for a face to face conversation. I monitor and will respond in a timely basis any communication to M.E. with possible solutions and / or advice. M.E. understands that responding to your questions, comments and suggestions are important to you and will reply to you as soon as possible.