A multi-faceted/layered approach

MerrittEnterprizes is geared towards entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses. Based in Belmont Ca. serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area M.E. offers our clients hands on approach to their specific needs and project goals. A stay in touch policy ensures frequent contact and review over the course of your project and additional support post production for those clients who request it. From e-commerce to simple business card websites M.E. strives to meet and exceed our client’s expectation. Quotes are based upon client needs and budget constraints to provide the best product that best represents you and your business.


Simple "don't make me think" approach is apparent within the design structure of web sites created by MerrittEnterprizes. Balance between purpose and design allows for a functional and informative experience for the people who visit your site.


two cogs Compliance to modern web site standards assures that any content will be accessible across the widest selection of web browsers and devices. Within the development process of your web site MerrittEnterprizes strives to include your content and input to achieve the particular look and feel that best describes you and/or your business.


Through the use of multiple techniques to reach the largest audience is paramount within the marketing skills that MerrittEnterpirzes employs. From the integration of social networking applications to the use of proper SEO implementation, your brand and identity is vital for a successful and productive presents on the web. M.E. will work closely with you to brainstorm the most efficient solutions in order to meet your current ROI expectations.